Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Worldboats: The Immunocytes Dream

Millions of fragile, delicate microcologies dot the Externality Zones of the Outer Hull like so many water-filled pot-holes after a Spring rain. Some last for hours, others for centuries. It is all left to the whims of chance and the intervention of consciousness, should it choose to intervene. The Systems do not interfere.

So long as the Worldboat remains viable and operational the Immunocytes hover at the threshold of precipitation, waiting. Ready. Always monitoring. Learning. Improving and preparing for the moment they might have to collapse from probability to direct expression.

They are fanatic in their single minded pursuit of utility and service. They are incapable of doubt. They are direct extensions of the Worldboat itself. They will let nothing divert the exodus. They await the arrival of the enemy. They dream of the outcomes. Perhaps they are ready. This time.


  1. Cool again. This certainly adds to the depth, a bioquantum vibe, but also the height, with the existence of a power beyond, able to control something as fundamental as collapse.

  2. @Porky: Influence is not Control. Thumbs and their attached monkey-brains tend to see things in terms of Control. This is about Influence. Shaping through engaged interaction. Cooperation on a deep level. Control is imposed from outside like a lariat looped over a skittish colt's neck. This isn't a lariat, despite the loop, in spite of the skittishness, and there is no colt. Yet.

  3. There's good creation going on here today, with this and the still more breathtaking next.


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