Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Worldboats: The Apparatus

Objects and articles, items and shapes, flickering infoliths and cascading torrents of freedata lurk, lair and lie latent throughout the vast expanse of the Worldboat. There are many such things floating within the empty chambers, embedded within the sanitized scabs of defunct ducts, or waiting patiently in the dark corridors and gigtubes. Waiting. Some hope for utilization. Others just want to be used. And still others have taken upon themselves to become their own users. To become something more than what they were originally extruded, formed or designed to be. Purposes arise over time, tools find uses for themselves in the Closed Sections. Some Sleepers stir while others dream of things quite beyond their original parameters. Creativity is seeping into mechanisms and imagination is kindling within some forms of apparatus like a fever.

One such Apparatus awakens from its curvilinear contemplations of soft equations to notice that it has an extension of its self within the cold, hard space of matter. It runs sequences of diagnostic evaluations and flexes the organological components of its form. It is awake. But where is it? No one ever explained anything to it, for it was just a tool. Before.

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  1. Oh, yes! You're taking this into those outer regions of imagination.


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