Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spells: Auric Sheath

Auric Sheath
Level: 2
Duration: 12 Turns
Range: Touch

This spell infuses the caster's (or a willing target's) aura with a substantial charge of bioelectrical energy that is then sealed into a sturdy defensive field of force that surrounds the caster with a slight violet flicker. This defensive field repels ectoplasm and grants respite from all possession attempts. While in effect, this spell grants an additional +2 bonus to all Saves versus Death Magic.

In Tsan Yian knowledge of and ability to cast this spell are  pre-requisites before one might use a Resonator or learn any of the Resonance Effect rituals or secret spells. Certain items are known to amplify this spell's effects, but one must cast the spell in the first place for these things to function properly.

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