Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spell: Breathless and Unexplainable Dread

Breathless and Unexplainable Dread
Level: 5
Duration: Indefinite
Range: 360'

If the victim fails a saving throw versus spells with a -2 penalty, they become extremely agitated, begin to hyperventilate and are filled with a deep and disturbing sense of doom, despair and dread that will make it entirely impossible for them to concentrate, cast spells, or think coherently. Should the victim fail three successive saving throws they collapse into a state of nervous exhaustion for 2d4 hours during which time they have a 70% chance to be mistaken for dead by their companions.

This spell is used to prepare victims for certain rites and rituals among the depraved and debauched disciples of demonology to be found in Tsan Yian. Others, such as the heretical adherents of the Unlife Cults use this spell in order to incapacitate their victims so that they might extract a portion of their essence for use in the manufacture of automatons and abominations.

Certain necromancers have determined that this spell is most satisfactory in the proper preparation of a candidate for joining the ranks of the conscious undead...and especially those who would become liches...

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