Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spell: Clanking Chains

Clanking Chains
Level: 4
Duration: 12 Turns
Range: Touch

The caster shackles an immaterial entity with a set of ectoplasmic fetters that rattle and clank as though they were forged of heavy iron. These chains reduce the target's mobility to 10', prevent them from passing through walls, and restrain them from entering back into the Aethyrial or Ectoplasmic layers.

Fantomists use this spell, or one of its variants, to hobble unruly or recalcitrant spirits that they intend to torment, interrogate or indoctrinate. Others, notably contract necromancers within Puljamru and Ghosteaters out along the Septagoorean Isles, use this spell to trap and capture those spirits that they intend to prey upon or bind to their service. The shamans of the Acephalli of Septagoor are known to have developed a form of this spell that works on living victims, creating ectoplasmic bonds that can imprison a victim despite the immaterial nature of the chains.

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