Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spell: Oneiric Bubble

Oneiric Bubble
Level: 1
Duration: 3 Turns
Range: 0

One of the so-called 'Essential Protections,' this spell creates a translucent bubble of oneirically reflective dreamstuff around the caster, granting them invisibility to all nightmares and sealing-out the effects of the Oneiric Cacophony surrounding Zalchis for the duration of the spell. The bubble is just large enough for the caster and possibly one other person who remains in close proximity. The caster can only see the vague outlines of anything blocked by the bubble while the spell remains in effect and no sound whatsoever can be transmitted into the bubble by oneiric forces. Sleeping within the safety of an Oneiric Bubble restores hit points, spells, etc. based on one full turn spent inside the bubble equaling one D4 hours of recovery.

This spell can be reversed, often with potentially devastating effects, if the caster is in proper meta-planar alignment with Zalchis, as Bujilli discovered in Episode Six.

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