Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spell: Protection From Aethyrial Intrusion

Protection from Aethyrial Intrusion
Level: 3
Duration: 12 Turns
Range: 0

This spell creates a spherical field of force around the caster that deflects and repels all attempted Aethyric Intrusions, including the prevention of the caster from coming into contact with any out-of-phase matter. This spell has the side-effect of locking anyone trapped within its immediate area of effect into the same phase-state as the caster, allowing the user of this spell to force an aethyric alignment with anyone/thing not able to escape from the area of effect.

In Zalchis, this spell is considered essential to survival. A number of items and personal wards can be bartered for amid the ruins of that terrible, bleak place, each one supposedly empowered to sustain or enhance this spell --or one of the other essential protections-- so that it remains in effect for far longer than any solitary caster could hope to maintain such a defense.

In Tsan Yian this spell is used to provide privacy from snooping and forms the basis of many other spells for both defending and attacking Aethyrially. An inverted form of this spell is used to stir up and agitate the Aethyric layers impinging upon any set location, both as a way to confound skrying and to precipitate the necessary reactive media for certain prohibited evocations...

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