Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spell: Terrible Conception

Terrible Conception
Level: 6
Duration: special
Range: Touch

Caster causes the target to become pregnant with the foul spawn of unmentionable other-planar entities, regardless of the victim's gender or ability to bear children. Gestation takes 1d12 weeks with each successive week of the unnatural pregnancy inflicting 1d6 damage upon the host. For every 10 points of damage caused in this manner the host permanently loses either one HD or one point of WIS. Should this unfortunate circumstance run its horrid course, the ensuing birth of the blasphemous abomination will very likely kill the host, rendering them unrecoverable and unleashing a terrifying monstrosity upon an otherwise unsuspecting world.

Note: anyone under the influence of this spell will attract paladins, good clerics, and other such NPCs like a beacon in the fog...

The Removal spell was originally developed specifically to counter the horrible effects of this spell.

It is rumored that there are cults within Tsan Yian that have adapted this spell so that a sorcerer might in fact give birth to a transformed version of themself...a new form that they have then re-designed, manipulated and altered by spells and psychic surgeries...but this is only a vile rumor...


  1. Well, ick.

    How do you destroy the foul spawn without killing the host?

  2. Yep. Ick. Really Ick. To remove the foul spawn requires surgical or sorcerous intervention, but that is a highly dangerous and tricky thing to attempt. To attempt to kill the spawn, and not kill the host, is very tricky. It can be done, but a mid-wife's herbal standard repertoire will prove far more dangerous to the host than to the spawn. surgical removal or destruction of the spawn is possible, but it is a gamble and sometimes the spawn is developed enough to interfere with the operation or even to attack the surgeon. In at least one instance the surgeon was infected with a secondary spawn of their own, but thankfully they died from their wounds before things could go much farther and the body was dissolved in copious amounts of strong acid.

    There is rumored to be an alternative version of the Blink spell that can both remove the spawn and deposit it into a suitable containment vessel such as a waiting acid bath. This spell or a few minor variant versions of it can be found in several different grimoires floating around in Wermspittle.

    The worm-monger might sell you a putrovore worm or one of the rarer zung-leeches from Naltang that could enter the host, seek out the foul spawn, and dissolve/digest it, thus terminating the spell and its horrid effect. This approach is not without its own perils, and will likely cost a fair bit, but it is probably safer than letting some half-drunken surgeon try to hack the thing out of your comrade...

  3. The Removal Spell has been posted, and in some instances the Dissolve (Internal) might also be of some use.


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