Friday, September 9, 2011

Quindra [Labyrinth Lord]

No. Enc.: 1d4 (1d4)
Alignment: Chaotic (actually ameaningless distinction in this case...)
Movement: 120' (levitation)
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 12
Attacks: 1d4 (Song, Flash, Soul Trap,Coruscation) +spells (5 altogether)
Damage: Save versus spells -2 or Charmed/3d10 damage in 20' radius + Save against blindness/ Save against death or suffer Trap the Soul spell/6d8 damage to any five targets within 20' radius.
Save: F12
Morale: 9

...unfathomable intellects. The Quindra are rare beings who prowl the blackened polar ice-fields of the most notoriously haunted worlds, emanating eerie sibilant echoes of primordial calls, cries and conversations that still linger within their quantiform symmetry even after millions of years...

Quindra are incredibly old beings of living polyplanar crystal who simultaneously occupy five different planes. Their minds are organized along a five-fold perceptual matrix and they can use True Seeing, Detect Magic, Detect Lie, Find Object and Ventriloquism at will. All Quindra also have 5 random spells available to them at any given time.

They have no language of their own but instead rely upon an intuitive and/or empathic form of Ventriloquism coupled with the millions of years of echoes that they store within their five-fold auras, allowing them to produce just about any conceivable, and many inconceivable sounds, noises, or languages as they wish. A Quindra may not fully understand the intellectual meanings of the words they use, but they get the sentiments right, sometimes too right.

Quindra are very aware of what lies beneath the ice on some very dark worlds beyond the known and sane horizons many take for granted. There are those who have sought the Quindra out in order to negotiate with them for details and directions to such places...

It is rumored that some of the larger, older specimens of Quindra can absorb or reflect hostile spells, and that certain amongst them have learned to shift any damage they take across all five of their emanatory matrices, allowing them to sustain five times the normal damage.

It is often the best policy to just try to talk to a Quindra, or to run like hell and not look back for any reason.

Certain scholars are convinced that they can learn numerous improbable secrets or otherwise forgotten knowledge by communing with a Quindra, thus they seek to journey out to the dark, desolate polar regions of various disreputable worlds, often hiring mercenaries and various specialists to assist in making the dangerous journey. Few ever return.

A note about XP: surviving an unfriendly encounter=1d4x100xp, destroying one-fifth of a Quindra=3,800+ (This also earns the lasting enmity of all other Quindra towards those who participated in the destruction of that Quindra's fifth-emanation. Oh, and yeah, they still have four other emanations that are still very much alive and decidedly out to return the favor to those who hurt it...)

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