Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spell: Cerebral Conception

Cerebral Conception
Level: 4
Duration: 1d8 turns
Range: Special

A terrible spell banned in most civilized countries, Cerebral Conception strikes the target like an attack of palsy or some similar seizure, during which time they are immobilized, paralyzed and their brain begins to undergo a horrific transformation, becoming a hormonally-saturated organic engine of fear-induced nightmares stripped from their subconscious and projected across the minds of every sentient being within a range of 100' per level of the caster. There is a slight 2% chance of the effect having some lingering effect on the target, usually causing them to emanate an aura of Fear or giving them a weakened form of the Feeblemind spell as a touch attack, unfortunately these both come with a feedback effect that causes the person so affected to suffer the same effect that they inflict on another.

There are dark rumors of a very demented variation of this spell that literally and completely converts the victim's brain into a nightmare broadcasting mechanism that spews fear and horror in every direction...

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