Friday, September 2, 2011

Spell: Daemonical Cyst

Daemonical Cyst
Level: 5
Duration: 1d8 turns per level of caster
Range: special

The caster of this spell is frozen immobile and encased in a horrid cyst of vile green-gray ice that reeks of half-thawed decay and primordial corruption through the entire duration of the spell. The icy cyst grants them full protection from normal weapons, missiles and attack spells below the third level.

A flawed variant form of this spell has made its way onto the market recently. Its effects are entirely congruent with the legitimate version, however it goes one step farther and unhinges the fully-encysted and immobilized caster from their planar orientation, casting them adrift through the interstitial regions in a random, uncontrollable trajectory that could leave them practically anywhere. It is rumored that they are locked in a form of totally conscious suspended animation, and thus there is a serious chance for insanity, possession or worse, but that is hardly going to deter the typical sorcerer, now is it?


  1. Oooh! This one would work well for one of my submissions for the OSR Challenge! I've already written it but you'll like the theme.

  2. @ArmChairGeneral: We see what you mean--the Short Adventure Winter Road features a locale that might well be the eventual destination of an unhinged Daemoniacal Cyst...


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