Friday, September 2, 2011

Spell: Elliptical Confoundity

Elliptical Confoundity
Level: 2
Duration: 1d6 turns per hit point expended
Range: Special

A perverse spell of manifest contradictoriness, Elliptical Confoundity forms a distorted ellipse of opalescent ecto-mist that muddles probability and mires chances of success in anything attempted within it's range of effect to suffer a cumulative -1 penalty per hit point expended by the caster. Vampiric casting is practically de rigeur in use of this spell, except in the most dire of circumstances. It is worth noting that the elliptical area of effect is capable of being rotated at will, so long as one end remains anchored at the location of the caster. The cheaper, street-version of this spell is almost exactly the same, except that it inflicts the penalty-to-success function upon the caster as well as their target(s), making it not quite such a bargain after all, but alas Caveat Emptor is far more than just a trite adage to recall after the fact.

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