Tuesday, September 13, 2011


No. Enc.: 1d4 (2d4)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 160' (Directed Levitation)
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 4 (weapons, spells or special)
Damage: 1d6+1*, by spell, or special/see below
Save: F4
Morale: 8

Veiled and secretive, the Jaladari are only ever partly on any one plane at any given time. Crafty and inhumanly subtle, they cast no shadow of their own, but must instead borrow or acquire other people's shadows. Their own shadows are bound-up in their weapons. The blades of their swords are forged from their own shadows and as such have the curious and unsavory ability to drain a victim's strength and vitality (see Umbra-Blade below for details). The Jaladari lurk in the shadows and whisper sullenly of bitter things. They will sell you charms and talismans, but will not accept payment in gold or jewels. They require...other...forms of payment...

Jaladari can use Plane Shift at will, from within shadows; they are unable to use this power in bright light without incurring 4d6 damage to themselves and causing an umbral rupture that will inflict 3d4 damage to everyone within 20'. They also typically know Craft/Forge Shadow, Attack ShadowContact Other Plane, Magic Jar, and Trap the Soul in addition to 1d4 random shadow-based spells,  but never Light or Continual Light, as those spells will cause the Jaladari both pain and damage (1d4/2d4 per turn), hence they greatly wish to avoid exposure to such spells. (Reduce Jaladari Morale by -4 when they are faced by these spells.).

*Umbra-Blade: +1 sword, inflicts 1d6+1 damage. On a successful hit, the blade drains 1 point of Strength or 1 point of Constitution from victim for 8 turns. Anyone lowered to 0 or less Strength or Constitution dies horribly as their living essence is pulled out of them by the very roots of their shadow, which now merges with the Umbra-Blade granting it either +1 Intelligence point, +1 to hit, or +1 to damage. In certain instances, the slain victim might have a chance to take over or possess the Umbra-Blade, especially if the Jaladari is wounded. (Base Psyche: 8, Base Intelligence: 12, [plus bonus for +1 weapon] Thus the typical Willpower: 21. Or one could always re-roll this if they prefer...)

** Typical Amulets and Charms Carried by a Jaladari
  1. Amulet versus ESP
  2. Amulet versus Crystal Balls and ESP
  3. Amulet versus Crystal Balls
  4. Bracers of Armor
  5. Brooch of Shielding
  6. Chime of Opening (as a dangling charm)
  7. Amulet of Protection against Dungeon Funk
  8. Necklace of Adaptation
  9. Scarab of Protection
  10. Medallion of Thoughts
  11. Medallion of Thoughts (90')
  12. Amulet of Comprehend Languages
  13. Talisman of Chaos (Chaotic wearer can cast Bless 2x Day. Other alignments suffer 2d6 damage if they try to handle the weirdly warped thing.)
  14. Talisman of Alignment Changing (as Helm of Alignment Change)
  15. Talisman versus Petrification (+1d4 on Save, 1d6 charges)
  16. Talisman versus Poison (+1d4 on Save, 1d6 charges)
  17. Talisman versus Death (+1d4 on Save, 1d4 charges)
  18. Talisman versus Breath weapons (+1d4 to Save, 1d4 charges)
  19. Talisman versus Spells (+1d4 to Save, 1d8 charges)
  20. Talisman versus Wands (+1d4 to Save, 1d4 charges)


  1. Does the Jaladari have a head? Is it related to Blemmyae?

  2. @John Till: Yes, and no. The Jaladari have a fused head-and-thorax section, much like a spider, only vertically-arranged. Their faces are rumored to be quite hideous, but there are no reliable depictions of one without their customary layers of veils. There are claims that the Jaladari are related to the Solin, who possess six arms and a long, long prehensile tail but no legs...but this has not been definitively proven.

    Most conventional authorities are fairly comfortable with lumping-in the Jaladari with the Kudarj, Acephali and some of the less exotic Blemmyae types, so long as there are no Jaladari within hearing to take exception. Oddly enough, spells that affect primarily Acephali/Blemmyae-types do not affect Jaladari at all. No one is quite sure why that might be, but of course very little research has even been attempted along these fairly obscure lines.

    Thanks for bringing up the Blemmyae--it looks like we misplaced our follow-up Blemmyae Tables from when we transferred things over from Netherwerks. We'll need to dig those out and post them once we find them. Maybe we'll re-stat them up for DCC RPG while we're at it...


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