Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spell: Zymurgic Disgestion

Zymurgic Disgestion
Level: 3
Duration: 3d4 Turns
Range: 5' per level

With a hearty belch the caster spews a noxious gout of disgusting fumes at the target who then must make a Save or have their digestive system thrown into turmoil as it begins to self-ferment, producing painful amounts of excess gas, intense heat, and thoroughly unpleasant and disorienting amount of pain that will quickly incapacitate them as they fall to the ground writhing in agony, ejecting copious amounts of horrid smelling gas and other effluvia from every orifice of their bodies. The spell inflicts one additional 1d6 accumulating damage every turn the spell is in effect (first 1d6, followed by 2d6, then 3d6, and so on until the spell ends or the victim expires messily...).

Certain groups of humanoids enjoy using this spell as a form of execution as they then slash open the grossly distended guts of the victim and imbibe the freshly brewed experience definitely not for the faint of heart...

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