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Sewers & Cellars of Wermspittle (Encounter Table I)

Sewer & Cellar Encounters Table I (D20)
  1. A 3' patch of Gobbling Grout (Type I) has taken up position near the base of the near wall. It waits. Patiently. Eventually someone will fall asleep or be knocked unconscious close by, and then it will smother them.
  2. There's a Murder-Hand in the dark. It waits. Beneath the stairs. Patiently. The bodies of three victims lie there beneath it. Carefully arranged and laid-out like cord wood. The scent of rotting flesh is getting really bad, but this thing has no sense of smell.
  3. (1d100) bats. There are also several buckets, shovels, brooms and scrapers piled-up against the wall from a local guano-collecting crew. The bats seem to be using a broken chimney and three different disused and partly collapsed old conduits as both sub-lairs and access-ways to the surface. All three conduits are partly clogged with rubble and debris, and could be used to travel deeper, should one be careful not to unduly dislodge any of the precariously jammed detritus.
  4. (1d4) seamless yellow-pink chitin-bags each containing 100 pounds of water-proof mortar made from ground-up Gobbling Grout, (1d4) trowels, a bucket and a rather fresh bloodstain on the floor right in front of the materials. An official work order from the local Sewer Militia is wedged behind the bucket with a well-worn worm-hide map of the major junctions of the local sewer system along this four block area. Possession of the map by non-authorized personnel is a punishable offense. Tampering with Sewer Militia business carries stiff fines. But there doesn't seem to be anyone around right now...
  5. An Ungezeifer riddled with crossbow bolts and with several limbs hacked off of it is slumped up against the far wall. Its antennae are twitching anxiously. One of its eyes have been cut out of its head with a heavy-bladed chopping weapon. It doesn't have long left to it.  You only have (2d4) minutes before (1d4) Cacozombies come running in response to their dying master's final psychic commands.
  6. A shallow pit has been cut into the floor, but it is difficult to detect in the dim light, especially with the Gobbling Grout (Type II) that is lying in wait within it.
  7. A twitchy, sweaty half-naked student rushes past. They are wild-eyed and feverish in the extreme. They make it about (1d20) feet down the passage before they collapse and begin to transform into a Loathsome Mass. The unfortunate victim is clutching a blue-white lodestone sensitized to detecting Weak Points. The black corruption is already dribbling form their orifices like the symptoms of some of the less appealing plagues rumored to be circulating among the more recent groups of Refugees. As the poor would-be doctor's body begins to melt into putrescence, it might be noticed that they are wearing very expensive boots, and that what remains of their clothing is all monogrammed with a stylized letter 'R.'
  8. A sizable warren of rat-tunnels have been gnawed and scraped-out behind the walls, floor and ceiling in this area. There are several clearly obvious holes where the material has collapsed, revealing the dark, fetid spaces in-between where hundreds of rats swarm madly like a boiling witches brew. Small bones jostle and bob about within this vile, seething mass. This mob can strip a body of its flesh in only 1d4  minutes. But they are loathe to leave the safety of their warrens. It is almost as if they were obeying some sort of compulsion or command.
  9. (2d6) Patients are huddled together in a small, smelly niche hacked into the far wall. They have wrapped and draped themselves in filthy rags to hide the worst of their deformities. One of them has a rusty old axe and has been trying to keep the rats away while the others sleep or at least try to get some rest. They were turned-out from a clinic after the staff confirmed that they no longer had anything left with which to pay for further treatment.
  10. Prowling Miasma.
  11. (2d4) Ractur are prowling around here. They are certain that they have seriously wounded a blundering newly-recruited Forager with a heavily loaded-down frame-pack. Every now and then they find a spot of blood. The Forager is not very far away and getting sloppier as they get weaker and more frightened. The Ractur are carrying cleavers, skewers and one half-length glaive with a broken haft. One of the Ractur is infected with a nasty patch of skin-devouring mold.
  12. Drab Jelly covers the wall. It appears to be a wet patch, as there is a broken pipe dribbling dirty water onto the wall right where it lurks.
  13. (1d4) Prowling spiders skitter along the ceiling looking for their next meal.
  14. Corpse. Weird pustules are distending from the thing's skin like bubbles of foul gas or worse fluids. Jostling the thing will cause these pustules to burst, spattering contagious goo across a 20' radius.
  15. Rat Catcher with (1d4) apprentices, all carrying a variety of truncheons, javelins and hackers. They have a dozen wicker or woven bark and wire cages filled with 1d100 rats. They are being stalked by (3d6) Ratterlings at a discrete distance. The Ratterlings are looking for a good opportunity to ambush these enemies and to release their thralls.
  16. A dead Morlock. Naked. A rune carved in their forehead. It's 'Urgle,' the rune for 'ruiner of waters.'
  17. (10d100) Fingerling Slugs slither across every available surface. They cannot tolerate intense heat, salt or alcohol. These slugs are of a peculiar mauve hue and seem to be coming through a smallish Weak Point not recorded or listed in any of the usual references. The otherside is a vast muddy, murksome marsh that writhes sluggishly under a very dim, fog-bound sun. The water is vaguely oily, noxious and full of slugs, leeches and nymph-things that feed upon them. There are ruins of some old, run-down fortification or walled villa of some sort off in the distance.
  18. (1d4) Molefolk are carrying a set of rickety-looking ladders, step-stools and at least 300' of rope in various lengths. One of them has a battered by mostly waterproof galvanized bucket full of Lithophageous Mussels.
  19. A Quindra-shard has been set-up on a small brass tripod on a rickety table covered in rotten draperies torn from the windows of the building above. A small rat-skull censer holds charcoal and purple amber incense. Unlit. Cold. Whatever ritual or rite was intended, it never got performed. 
  20. A Gauntlim is nailing down a Blatherer within a side room that has been prepared as a death-trap for the Gauntlim's enemies. She is not going to take kindly to any interference or meddling, especially by sun-scum.
  21. A Mycelidon has taken-up a temporary perch just above the entry way to a rarely used ramp way leading down to a sub-level. The scent of burnt walnuts and rancid tallow are fairly pronounced. There are (1d6) random weapons scattered just beyond the arched entrance. All of them might have been enchanted, once, before this thing got to them.
  22. A Black Iron mockery of Glushigons Mask hangs over a zinc-plated tub of entrails. Whomever was preparing this contra-mask must have been driven away or scared-off. The entrails are dried-out, on top, but still moist underneath the scabrous crust. There are close to a dozen very hungry Gore Worms in the muck at the bottom of the tub.
  23. The floor settles (1d4) feet, Save or lose balance. (base 30% chance of outgassing.)
  24. (2d4) Toothy Worms are wriggling along the floor in pursuit of something good to eat. Their gurgly-hissing noises are disturbing and resemble the sounds made by gleeful children being drowned--a very unnatural and unsettling sound.
  25. A very large tortoise was butchered in here several months ago. The shell was removed, in sections. you can still find bits and pieces of it scattered about the floor. A mallet and two dull chisels can be found if you care to poke about.
  26. A broken and non-functional Burner taken from the corpse of a Puritan. The hand is still attached.
  27. This used to be a brewery, until the Brewer's Bane took over.
  28. A completely empty 30' by 30' room with absolutely clean walls, ceilings and floor. The air is fresh. It is well lit, with no visible means of illumination. The temperature is quite comfortable.
  29. The floor is a largish Type III Gobbling Grout.
  30. This was once a laboratory. There are text-books on Galvanic Chemistry, The Violet Ray, and various and sundry references for Reconstructive Necromancy on the shelves along the back wall. All of them are at least a hundred years out of date and somewhat mildewed. The writing desk is over-turned and partly burned. The surgical tools are corroded or covered by patches of a rather unwholesome-looking pink-and-yellow mold. The Experimenter's journals are conspicuously missing.

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