Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Questionable Trinkets & Trash (III)

Questionable Trinkets & Trash (III)
  1. A smooth green whetstone that will grant all blades sharpened on it a +1 bonus to their damage for the first 10 attacks that hit.
  2. A tin whistle that will drive off Miasmas to a distance of 10' for every 1 hit point the user allows the thing to take.
  3. A crusty old inkwell that was once part of a general's campaign kit. If filled with fresh blood, the inkwell will provide waterproof black ink that can only be read by those identified in the document, at least without extreme tampering.
  4. (2d4) tiny toad harnesses delicately studded with tiny carbunkles and dim yellow cabochons.
  5. An old horse shoe.
  6. An umbrella fashioned from the preserved hide of a large octopoid. The handle is imprinted with the imprimatur of a long-gone airship line. The metal framework is a little rusty, but otherwise works fine. A hidden trigger in the handle causes the central pointy-bit at the top to shoot 20' with sufficient force to inflict 2d4 damage. The springs inside the shaft are shot though, so it cannot be reloaded.
  7. A gauntlet set with moonstones. The leather is completely eaten away, three rivets need to be replaced and two of the stones are missing. If it is properly restored, the gauntlet will allow the wearer to collect moonlight for use in spells. The seller mumbles something about certain others having other uses for it, but won't elaborate for fear of being overheard by some Outlaw Oneirist.
  8. A silver-studded crow collar. It grants the crow a +2 bonus to all Saves, which it does not have to share with the owner. If fastened around the neck of a crow in moonlight, the collar will grant the bird speech in the language of the one who caught it. The collar does nothing to make the crow behave or cooperate.
  9. A large-sized raw silk tunic. If worn under the clothes or armor, it causes all damage done by missile weapons such as arrows, darts, thrown knives, etc. to not count any 1's or 2's rolled for damage. It also prevents the wearer from bleeding for as long as the shirt is kept in-place.
  10. A saddle with a lot of straps and lines, jammed into a heavy burlap sack that also contains three sets of worm-bridles and two pair of blinders.

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