Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Questionable Trinkets & Trash (V)

Questionable Trinkets & Trash (V)
  1. A box containing (2d4) wigs. One wig will grant a +1 bonus to CHAR for 1d4 hours. The rest just make you look like a dork.
  2. Three brass monkeys nailed to a board. Placing this on your table will get you free drinks for 1d4 hours. The effect works for the entire table, but someone, chosen randomly from among those indulging under the auspices of the monkeys will be comatose for 1d4 days afterwards.
  3. A clam-shell smeared with blood and gristle. It inflicts 1d4 damage and drains 1 point of WIS from both the wielder and the victim with every failed SAVE on either's part.
  4. A complete heavy-duty Mechanic's Ratchet Set in a box the size of a packet of Low Lander cigarettes. It still weighs the same, though. Unless you're a certified Mechanic.
  5. A tin ecto-trap that will still work for about 2d4 hours. Expose it to sunlight to clear it.
  6. A magnifying glass that allows the user to peer 1d4 planar layers deep without being spotted by whatever is on the other-side. It only has a range of 1d4x10' at any given moment, but it has proven handy to several investigators, all of whom are now sadly deceased.
  7. A gritty, smelly sack of dirt and wriggling worms. If the worms are withdrawn with the left hand and slapped against the owner's thigh, the worm will transform into an arrow. Each arrow will revert to a worm after 1d4 minutes. If it is still lodged in a target, it will burrow into their body, inflicting an additional 2d4 damage and requiring a worm pliers or surgery to extract them.
  8. A gourd filled with a tarry purplish ichor that will indelibly frost glass and cause 3d6 damage to any Jelly or Grout it comes into contact with. Those amorphous monsters killed in this manner curdle-up and leave behind more of the purplish ichor. The smell of this stuff attracts Jellies in particular and unlicensed use by non-professionals is discouraged because it can sometimes cause Jellies to go berzerk and double in size/HD, unless the user knows exactly how to use the ichor.
  9. A necklace of (2d6) black beads. Each bead removed from the necklace will allow the wearer to skip one wandering monster check.
  10. A full-length mirror that allows anyone looking into it to heal all damage or cure any affliction, so long as they can get their reflection to fail a Save.


  1. Number 10 in particular intrigues me. What sort of Save?

  2. We left that open for GM interpretation. You could use Will/Wands or Spells to model a contest of psyches, or Reflex/Petrify to see if one or the other turns away before it is too late, or Poison/Death Magic straight-up, if you prefer. It all depends on which rules-set you are using, and how you like to interpret these sorts of situations. The goal is to give DMs/GMs flexibility in adapting this to whichever edition/iteration of whatever rules-set they prefer or are most comfortable with.


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