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Wednesday Werk: Ordrang

Wednesday Werk: Ordrang
S.P. over at How To Succeed in RPGs or Die Trying has converted the Ordrang over to 4th Edition.
You can find the original post detailing these weird spherical beasties who dine on ectoplasm here at Hereticwerks.

Du Campion of Wermspittle has never fully explained how a creature he categorizes as mindless can cast several different spells. His classic treatise Morbid Thoughts From the Moonlit Moors, is one of the only substantive texts available on the subject of Ordrang, being derived from actual encounters with these creatures and collected over the course of more than thirty years. It is from critical appraisal of Du Campion's recently discovered pre-publication manuscripts that certain discrepancies have been noted. Several records regarding suspected Ordrang-Hasnamuss interactions were completely excised by editorial edict and an entire appendix  detailing no fewer than six different spells derived from or inspired by the Ordrang, including a means for directing an Ordrang to feed upon Projections, Predatory or otherwise.

It is precisely because of such spells as noted above, and the simple existence of these very creatures, that those who intend to indulge in astral projection experiments need to do so in secured spaces, and to take measures to protect themselves from Ordrang incursions.

So far no one has successfully located the notorious so-called 'silver collars' supposedly used by Silas Gromff's deputized auxiliaries to control and use Ordrang as anti-mediumist weapons during the Midwive's Rebellion.

Fantomists are known to offer bounties on Ordrang. Substantial rewards and inducements are often mentioned, but few ever collect.

There are a few Mediums among the Refugees out in the shanty-camps who have somehow captured very immature (1 or 2 HD specimens) Ordrang that they are attempting to train to help them find and remove Fantodics and other such pests and nuisances.

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