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Index: Friday Flash Fiction by Garrisonjames

Friday Flash
by Garrisonjames

The goal is to post a brand new piece of flash fiction every Friday. Most flash fiction clocks in at under 1,000 or 2,000 words, but can be as brief as 365 words, 101 words, 140 words, five or six sentences, even just six words. There's a lot of room for experimentation and exploration.

The Friday Flash meme is hosted by the nice people at the Friday Flash website.
You can find out more about the challenge, and what stories are available each Friday by clicking over to their site:

The following index will be updated weekly for your convenience.
Stories are listed from Newest to Oldest.
Thanks for taking a look.

Of A Feather...
Posted: 4/12/13
A girl out to avenge her brother's untimely death discovers that not everything is as she assumed or believed. Sometimes the greatest challenge one can face is the lies that blind us to a particularly painful truth.
This story is a spin-off from the on-going Bujilli serial set in Wermspittle featuring Gudrun (whom we haven't seen since Bujilli: Episode 21), and Sharisse (last seen in Episode 33), and taking place sometime after the events of Series Two.

Forbidden (001)
Posted: 4/12/13
Gabrielle is cut of from her group by a freak gritstorm on Alshain-4. She discovers an Obelisk. Then the ground collapses. At least she's out of the storm...

This may or may not develop into another serial.

Posted: 12/7/12
A quick little bit of robot SciFi dealing with identity, mythology and mob violence. Always a winning combination...

Posted: 11/30/12
A Wermspittle story, this time dealing with the creation of the Jewel of Souls...

Better Than Worms
Posted: 11/9/12
Valg is out hunting worms in the midst of a blasted wasteland when he discovers something far more interesting than just a few scraps of wriggly-meat...

Valg first appeared in Option 3 of our second Scenario Seeds: Obelisks post. He may show up again.

Posted: 11/2/12
There are monsters. This guy deals with them on a regular basis.

Empress of Wastelands
Posted: 3/22/12
This isn't strictly part of the Flash Fiction Friday thing, but it is one of my first forays into writing Flash, and it may well be the piece that caused Wermspittle to come all together, at least in part.


  1. Cool stuff to jump into here. It promises to be a good series.

    1. It's a fun break from the stats and crap, if nothing else. We'll be running more of the fiction over at the Garrisonjames blog but link back and forth quite a bit and post updates on a regular basis. that way people wanting to follow this stuff can do so very easily, and those wanting to ignore it can do so fairly easily as well.


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