Monday, October 28, 2013

Those Aren't Worms...A Table for Wermspittle at Dungeon of Signs

The one-and-only Gus L. over at Dungeon of Signs has created a very special table for Wermspittle:

Those Aren't Worms!

It's a Frikkin' Great Table, packed with some really nightmarish things that fit all too well in Wermspittle, or perhaps in some other broken-down, disreputable town, city or enclave your local band of adventuring ne'er-do-wells frequent in-between bouts of burglarizing vacant temples and the obligatory grave-robbing so prevalent in most old school derived/influenced FRPGs.

His Geist Hosts are an absolutely perfect fit for Wermspittle, and some of those Angler Crabs might show up in our upcoming Cellar Inspector scenario at Con of the North this February...those are some seriously sneaky crustaceans! (But they're probably good eatin'...)

Thanks Gus! We love the table and will return the favor shortly.


  1. I have it on general authority that angler crabs are good eating, but hard to catch unless you've got a complete suit of razor-shard aegis to impale the attacking crab on, but some luck has been had attaching an urchin drunk on paralytic wines to a strong chain and using it as bait. Also heating the ground can cause the things to quickly scuttle upward where they can be clubbed to death the normal way.

    1. Very interesting. Heating the ground is easy enough. Paralytic wines are easy enough. Eave-Urchins should make a suitable substitute. Getting a suitably sharp weapon properly prepared is going to be the sticking point. We'll leave it to the Morlocks to figure something out...

  2. I'm also wondering how far they might burrow. With all the refuse and rubble likely scattered about the alleyways, cellars and tunnels of Wermspittle, these could be all over the place, and maybe subspecies too, naturally adapted or artificially modified...

    1. Lots of habitat lies wide open to them, so they're probably doing just fine. Once they run afoul of Spectral Brine or some of the other toxic waste hazards, who knows how they'll react...


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