Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Summary: 11/11 to 11/16, 2013

Here's a quick summary of what we've posted to the blog for the week of  Monday 11/11 to Saturday 11/16, 2013.

Red Weeds started off the week. A truly invasive species, the Red Weeds have become a very fundamental part of Wermspittle, having overgrown portions of the Burned Over Districts and clogging at least two cisterns. Originally the Red Weeds were nuisances, sometimes hazards or pests; now they are being studied, experimented upon, even harvested...

Agents of the Comprachicos revealed some of the people working for the Comprachico families. These aren't the usual sort of villains or monsters...

Ten Wicked Little Things presented a set of ten minor monsters summoned forth by either version of the spell Dalrin's Lesser Call.

Bujilli: Episode 68 wrapped-up Series Four and set the stage for Series Five beginning next Thursday. We'll be going back over all the previous Episodes and supplemental posts and fixing links, revising a few things and getting a lot of long-pending Bujilli-stuff posted, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Sottarix's Six Clouds is another sample spell from one of the PDFs we're getting ready to release into the wild. This obscure spell grants the caster access to one of six very nasty vaporous horrors to unleash upon their foes...though some of the options can be as hazardous to the caster as to the intended victim. Please use discretion. Not intended for use with penguins.

Underworld Lore Issue 2 is now available, and we did a short review of Porky's new release at RPGnow: The Manse, a truly useful tool for creating and fleshing-out huge ruined piles and spooky old mansions for under a buck. Click here to go to Underworld Lore #2.  Click here to see the review.  Click here to go right to The Manse.

Next Week, we'll finally see the delayed Black Smoke, More Morlocks, Eldritch Servitors, and at least one more new spell, not to mention the beginning of the next Series for Bujilli!


  1. You're still setting an admirable pace, and the quality certainly isn't suffering - if anything it's getting better.

    I am glad of the review too, and happy you like it and see the point. There's always a danger the material goes far enough in a new direction that not every aspect is clear, that it's too much of a gauntlet thrown down.

    1. There's a substantial backlog to wade through, as well as all the new stuff that keeps accumulating, and the effort to get some PDF-thingies we do need to pace ourselves and just plug away. Having missed three months due to illness hasn't done us any favors either--a lot of other bloggers have forsaken us, written us off, considered us defunct. Maybe, in time, as we consistently re-build our momentum, they'll notice that we still live, and are still going strong. We have some fun things in store for the days ahead...


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