Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Summary: 11/2 to 11/9, 2013

Here's a quick summary of what we've posted to the blog for the week of  Monday 11/2 to Saturday 11/9, 2013.

We started off the week with a table of 20 More Suspicious Manuscripts and Decaying Texts from Wermspittle. This is a continuation of last week's Werm-Riddled Manuscripts table. Both are part of a series. You might also consider taking a look at Fictional Works Mentioned in Gargantua, and keep an eye out for another installment in the series, probably next week.
Or you could investigate the ancient community project we hosted back in the Olden Days of the OSR for Inside the Tome, if you're interested in that sort of thing. Matt made a nice PDF out of that project and you can grab a copy at his blog Rended Press, where he offers a ton of cool free downloads.

We interrupted our regularly scheduled posting to give a well-deserved shout-out to Swords & Wizardry Complete now becoming a Free PDF. This is an exciting new development, brought about through the current Frog God Games Kickstarter for The Sword of Air that has now gained over 400+ contributors. We'll update things once we have more details. In the meantime you might want to click over to Matt Finch's blog to see what's going on. If you want to grab a copy of the PDF, drop over to Tenkar's Tavern and he'll be glad to make that happen. Big Thank You to the fine folks at Frog God Games for doing this! You might also want to take a look at the current Bundle of Holding deal--it's chock full of Swords & Wizardry and other OSR goodness!

We'll have details regarding our upcoming Swords & Wizardry (and Labyrinth Lord) games scheduled for Con of the North this February in the next little bit here.

For Wednesday we returned to Wermspittle for a Random Table of 100 Things Found in the Burned Over Districts, inspired by things mentioned in passing by the protagonist of Mr. Well's The War of the Worlds. We have a lot more things coming in a similar vein in the days ahead, many of them can be found by performing a label-search for the tag 'After the Wars.' The Morlocks are returning next week, as are the Red Weeds...

Episode 67 of Bujilli's continuing adventures ended on a cliff-hanger. He was re-united with Leeja, appears to have defeated his nefarious Uncle, wiped-out the vicious horde of undead Yeren (with Leeja's timely assistance), and even experienced a brief moment of long anticipated pay-back only to succumb to his wounds, blood-loss and shock from all the spells and unpleasantness foisted upon him by his Uncle. A great deal was resolved, more or less...but is it finally over between Bujilli and his Uncle? Maybe we'll find out next week...

Borrowed Trouble, a table of things that doesn't necessarily concern your characters, unless they decide to make it their business to get involved.

The Comprachicos, an insidious, despicable cabal that preys upon the mobs of children sent to Wermspittle each Spring for the Revels. So many people do nothing, allowing these evil-doers to flourish and thrive behind the scenes. Will anyone step forward and try to end this terrible, twisted form of flesh-peddling? These are monsters of a different sort. Well-connected. Wealthy, influential, with their hooks into just about everything. Brute force will only take you so'll need every bit of your cunning and wit to stand up to these vile villains.

John Till over at the FATE SF blog has kicked-off his first Community Project, a Cross-Blog Exploration of the Zones from the novel Roadside Picnic and the movie Stalker. You can learn more by clicking over to the Zones Community Project Table to see what has been posted so far (this table will be updated regularly), and if you're at all interested in contributing to the Zones Project, be sure to check out the Participation Guidelines.

Next Week?
More Morlocks, some details concerning Red Weeds and Black Smoke, a few Agents of the Comprachicos, maybe some more new spells, some over-due revision and cleaning-up of loose-ends (internal links...) and maybe if we're lucky a fresh PDF. We might even squeeze-in some stuff for TsanYian or Zalchis...both of which are going to be pulled back into one central blog: this one. Oh and monsters. There will be more new monsters. Soon...

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  1. Another full week. So much great material behind and much more ahead it seems. I'm looking forward to TsanYian and Zalchis especially. There's a lot we still don't know, mysteries to explore.


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