Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Archival Abominations: Creeping Baby Doll

I found this image while researching some things in the U.S. National Archives on Flickr. It's in the public domain, so I thought that I would share it and stat it up as a creepy-crawly sort of thing for Wermspittle while I was at it.

Creeping Baby Doll
No. Enc.: 3d4 (3d12)
Alignment:  (20%) Neutral / (80%) Chaotic
Movement: 15' (5')
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 1+
Attacks: 1 (See Below)
Damage: 1d4
Save: As zero-level human
Morale: 12 (don't know any better...)

Forgotten toys left to rot beneath the rubble of abandoned warehouses and factories after the aerial bombardment now referred to as the Great Leveling, these minor automatons have gone strangely feral. Their once gaily painted faces are besmirched and smeared with blood and grime. Most of them are lacking their glass eyes, or have been somewhat mutilated in the course of their crawling free of the wreckage. But their tiny, sharp teeth work just fine and they will gnaw upon anything that comes into reach of their chubby little hands.

Their outer-skin is mostly composed of some sort of organic celluloid that is incredibly flammable, and easily set aflame, however doing so only allows the vicious scamps to inflict 2d4 damage from smudging their burning, sticky gobs of non-flesh against their intended victims. The internal workings are quite simple and very durable and can only be completely destroyed with a natural '20.' Otherwise, even if reduced to zero hit points, the little terrors will regain one hit point per ten minutes until they're ready to gnaw away on someone all over again.

If in the course of an encounter one of these dolls inflicts in excess of 20 hit points of damage, they go inert for 1d4 turns, after which they must void their internal chamber, forming a 10'x10' patch of greasy-sticky-nasty gore that reduces movement for non-dolls by one-half with a base 30% chance of falling if anyone attempts to fight while standing upon this gruesome discharge.

There are other things crawling out from under those ruined buildings...


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    1. This one kind of goes with the Hand Puppets, Poppets and a few other things that are in the work-pile. There are a lot of nasty things coming out from under the various ruined buildings, not all of them are amorphous blobs or vicious slimes...


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