Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spell: Animate Necrotic Tissue

Animate Necrotic Tissue
Level: 1
Duration: Permanent
Range: Touch

This spell infuses gangrenous and otherwise necrotic tissue surrounding some wound upon an otherwise still-living victim to tear itself free and become a shapeless lump of undead flesh that can then be grafted onto a necrotic golem, or used to repair zombies, among other unsanitary and unsavory uses. The grotesque chunk of flesh can be employed as a very, very simplistic servitor, but that only happens in extremely rare instances. Usually. Though there are rumors of an assassination attempt that made use of a lump of necrotic flesh submerged in a chalice of wine, the thing choked the food taster to death and not the actual target.

The process of extricating itself from the host tends to cause 1d4 damage per level of the caster, per turn, until the undead tissue succeeds in severing its connection to the host. If the host survives the experience, they tend to gain a permanent +1 bonus on all resistance rolls versus infection.

This spell works best if cast upon a living victim, but it can also be used on fresh medical waste taken directly from a surgeon's table, but at a cumulative -10% chance of failure per minute away from the host.

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