Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spell: Dorind's Demulcent Yellow Hand

Dorind's Demulcent Yellow Hand
Level: 2
Duration: 1d4 rounds/level of caster
Range: Self

The caster's hand (either one) becomes temporarily pock-marked with hundreds of tiny glandular nodes that secrete a sweet-smelling yellowish mucous that has a number of curative qualities, not the least of which is its ability to neutralize airborne poisons or spoors and soothing inflamed mucous membranes, allowing those exposed to corrosive fumes, toxic gasses, or dangerous fungi to recover at triple the normal rate. The recipient suffers a -2 penalty to DEX for the duration of the spell, and cannot hold anything in the affected hand. The 'salve' produced by this spell continues to be secreted through the duration of the spell which cannot be interrupted once cast. It loses its healing properties at the end of the spell's duration and cannot be stored for later. For some so far undetermined reason this spell tends to attract any and all worm-like creatures within 120' radius, which has led to it being abused by certain unscrupulous adventurer-types as a sort of bait on their underground hunting expeditions.


  1. If I had to pick an immediate favourite of this run of new spells, it might be this one, for adding another level of weirdness to a common feature of weirder landscapes, and for the detail of the worm interaction and its potential...

    1. This can be a fun spell in the right/wrong hand(s). We've used it in our games in the past. Glad you liked it. It does open things up a bit for some peculiar interactions...


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