Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spell: Hold Shadow

Hold Shadow
Level: 2
Duration: 2d6 turns
Range: 20'

This spell immobilizes any type of shadow. In the case of normal shadows cast by living beings, those affected must make a Save or experience a slight bit of nausea, effectively losing initiative (re-roll at -2) and having their movement rate reduced by one-half for the duration of the spell. Magical, undead and similar sorts of shadows are immobilized and take double damage from all successful attacks as well as suffering a -2 penalty on their resistance to Clerical Turning, for the duration of the spell.


  1. ... but this one too, for the darker fairy tale tone and massive scope...

    1. Comes in handy in Wermspittle and environs close by...
      It also leads into the Red Bestiary nicely.

  2. Nice! I can see a lot of wizards making use of this...

    1. Glad you liked it. This spell certainly comes in extra handy when you have multiple types of shadow/umbral monsters in-use, like we've been writing-up for the Red Bestiary...


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