Saturday, November 22, 2014

Joy in Wermspittle

This weekend we're launching a new campaign set in Wermspittle.

We'll be using Labyrinth Lord & The Advanced Edition Companion, with a few house rules and modifications. The house-rules document is still pretty rough, but once we get it cleaned-up a bit better, we'll make it available if anyone is interested. We'll also be posting a few things pertaining to the new campaign and there will be regular play-reports and updates as we go along.

To begin with we'll be focusing on the solo adventures of Joy, a very young, fairly Odd girl from one of the Low-Land Farmsteads surrounding Wermspittle...

Joy was not quite old enough to go into Wermspittle for the Spring Revels, but everyone expected that she would be big enough to go to town the coming Spring. So this has been her last Summer of childhood to prowl and explore the old farmstead. In the course of investigating a cave Joy lost her footing and slid down a steep incline into a chamber that still held some traces of Soporific Aether. She fell asleep for several weeks.

While she was sleeping, her family searched all over the farmstead, but they could locate neither hide nor hair of the girl. They kept up the search for as long as they could, but Summer came to an early end and with the onset of Autumn they had to abandon the search for the missing girl.

Heartbroken over the loss of their daughter, Joy's parents had signed-on with a caravan headed to the Eastern Reaches, in the hopes of starting over. Despite her mother's pleas and her siblings' best efforts, the caravan would not, could not wait for the girl to be found. Autumn had come early and they had to leave before winter set-in trapping them in this place. Reluctantly Joy's family left her behind and set off to the East. Her uncles both vowed to return to continue the search for the girl once they got everyone settled in the Eastern Reaches.

When Joy woke up, she was incredibly hungry, so she cut short her investigation of the cave. She thought it might be some ancient tomb or crypt left over from long ago, but did not have any torches with her so she climbed back up the steep incline and headed back to her home.

She found a note on the door telling her that her family had gone to the East. Her mother had insisted on leaving behind some supplies just in case her girl returned. Not enough to get through a Winter all on her own, but plenty to get her to town before the worst of the cold weather began, if she left right away.

Joy ate some canned peaches then took a nap. When she woke up she found a Golden Ticket on her pillow. All she had to do was wait and someone would come for her to take her away...or she could gather-up her gear and head off through the Tulgey Woods towards the Cold Road or head for Wermspittle on her own. It was still early Autumn and she knew the way...

To Be Continued...

Joy in Wermspittle


  1. Not the most wonderful set of choices, but better to choose one's destiny than to freeze to death! Probably.

    1. Given the circumstances, Joy's just happy to have choices. That's a luxury kids her age don't always get, especially on a farm.

  2. Replies
    1. Yup, she is in a bit of a pickle. Fortunately her folks left her some supplies to get her through, although she's not keen on hanging around for the little coachmen to collect on the Golden Ticket she received.

    2. Do you have her statted up yet? Age? Spindly little waif or sturdy farm-girl?

    3. Jody rolled-up her stats and went on her first adventure with Joy last night. She's Very Young, definitely Odd (WIS 19), and comes form a Low-Land Farming Family that is Mostly Human. Joy began as a zero-level character. Her initial stats were rolled using 3d6 dropping the lowest, with the capacity to improve each score either through aging, at each 100XP, or other means within certain limitations. Her first adventure included exposure to Soporific Aether that gave her the chance to re-roll her CON with a bonus and since she rolled really well it has improved, so she's getting healthier. A post detailing the character creation process and a actual play report are in the works.


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