Friday, April 17, 2015


Hit Dice: 4
Armor Class: 2 [17]
Attacks: 1 Fist (1d4+2) or 1 Weapon (1d6+1)
Saving Throw: 11
Special: Consume Magic, Dispel Magic.
Alignment: Neutrality
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240

Powerfully-built hairless humanoids with extremely thick skin that they sometimes fit with spikes or studs, Jirin consume the pages of spell books and scrolls as though such things were the sweetest candy and they drain magic items like drinking wine from a bottle.

They also have a 90% chance to dispel any first level spell cast within 30' of them, an 80% chance to dispel second level spells, 70% chance to dispel third level, 60% chance to dispel fourth level spells, 50% chance to dispel fifth level spells, 40% chance to dispel sixth level spells, 30% chance to dispel seventh level spells, 20% chance to dispel eighth level spells, and a 10% chance to dispel ninth level spells.

Any magic weapon striking a Jirin runs a cumulative 5% chance of losing one of its enchantments or bonuses determined at random.

The Jirin cannot wield a magical weapon unless it is first completely drained of all power. This can be accomplished by simply holding the item in their hands for one hour per magical plus of the weapon and also applies to armor.

Magical potions make them sick and they cannot be healed by magic, nor can they be raised or resurrected, which may explain their intense hatred for Clerics in particular.

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  1. There's another eldritch and oddly naturalistic surprise in these, and they could really irritate a powerful party.

    That piece also feels more medieval, and almost an etching.

    1. Thanks. Gotta like Eldritch and Naturalistic. I drew this piece about the same time I did the Synthetic Soldier, but this one has been stuck in an old folder for a long time, so it seemed like the right time to clear it out. Need to make room for the new stuff!


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