Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Alien Meddlers: The Rugalli for White Star

6 [13]
By weapon
Regeneration, Healing Touch, Rejection Protocol

Rugalli are ancient beings who wander through space aboard a few heavily colonized rogue planets and moon-ships. They do not employ FTL-drives, preferring to coast along for centuries as they focus on medical research and biological experimentation. Famous and much sought after for their healing abilities, the Rugalli have accomplished incredible feats of medical science well beyond the norm of most space-faring species. 

Rugalli regenerate 1 hit point per turn and can restore 1d4 hit points to anyone they touch once per hour. Any cyborgs or those with technological implants who are touched by a Rugalli automatically take 1d6 points of damage and must make a Saving Throw or find one piece of cybernetic technology rejected and expelled from their bodies as a living replacement takes its place.


  1. Nicely done. Short and to the point. Great illustration, too!

    1. Thanks. I'm enjoying the S&W approach to things as I develop the current crop of critters and it was super easy to port it over into the White Star scheme, so I thought that I'd test it out a bit. My hands are working better, so I'm getting more drawings done. I'll post a photo or two of the work-in-progress in the next day or so.

  2. I'm seeing a lot of reference to this system lately, but this is the first time I've thought I really might need to look into it. If it can accommodate something you've come up with, and you're willing to give it a go, it might well be worth a gander.

    Not knowing much of the system context, and seen through the traditional PC / NPC / monster split, they do seem to shake things up a little, for being a boon to a party really going out into the danger zones, but also for not having the more directly disruptive abilities of a strict foe, as well as for their pace of life and bases. Not much more than a dozen lines of info and there's a lot to work with.

    1. White Star has really stirred-up quite a creative ruckus in all sorts of good ways. I was attracted to the very open nature of the system and as it was essentially a S&W tool-kit for exploring SciFi. As for accommodating this sort of stuff...that remains to be seen. Many early-adopters are very Star Wars oriented, and I'm more interested in Flash Gordon, Captain Future, Cordwainer Smith, Leigh Brackett, Burroughs (he wrote more than just Barsoom-books), and so on...so we'll see.

      I opted to not make these critters a Class because I see them as something of a foil for the players, potentially an obstacle/challenge/hindrance or a possible resource/ally, and not immediately a playable option, unless someone really really wanted/had to do that. I like them being somewhat mysterious, off to the side, and going about their own business...whatever that might be. Discovering what they are really up to, and either aiding or opposing their efforts could develop over time, if the players found these aliens at all interesting. Otherwise they might just be a handy specialist to go see when a specific problem arises that they could maybe help out with...like recovering a crew-mate who was partially assimilated or so on.


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