Monday, May 25, 2015

Angstiverm (Monster Mondays)

Hit Dice: 2+
Armor Class: 7 [12]
Attacks: 1 Sting (1d4+Poison)
Saving Throw: 17
Special: Poison (see below)
Move: 4/16 (swimming)
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/XP: 3/60

Drab and unremarkable sightless werms coated in a stale-smelling mucous, Angstiverms wriggle and squiggle through brackish bodies of water, delve-bogs, tunnel-marshes, buried lakes and the like. They are not truly aquatic, only taking to the water as it allows them better movement and more opportunity to find prey. Unlucky adventurers can sometimes find these things infesting the carcasses of dead basilisks or other such creatures. Their favorite lurking places tend to be pits, especially those dug as traps in old tombs or the like. There they wait patiently, burrowed into the mucky bottom layer of filth and debris for someone to get stuck and then they strike.

The venom of Angstiverms induces extreme boredom, causing the victim who fails their Save to lose their natural healing ability (no hit points recovered naturally), not be able to sleep, and to lose the ability to concentrate, memorize things, or cast spells for the next 1d4 days.

Angstiverms take double damage from fire or acid, but if so attacked they release a toxic heavier-than-air green miasma that causes 1d4 damage per turn that persists for 1d6 hours.

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  1. Replies
    1. I had help on this one from my daughter...she named it and told me what it ought to do. Who am i to argue?

  2. I love the name ;) Boredom - oh, what an inglorious way to be incapacitated!

    1. There are worse thing than the usual horrors and terrors...and this would be one of them, I think. unless you packed a sketchbook or journal, in which case you could put the time to good use...


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