Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Manor, Issue 8

Go Get It!
Issue 8 of The Manor is available in print via Lulu (for $2.50) and for free at RPGNow in pdf-format.

In this issue you get an old school grappling system ideal for tavern brawls, a sneak peek into Trey Causey's Strange Stars, some tips for making hirelings more interesting & useful, as well as a set of eight magical torches, and some stuff for Torchbearer.

Denis from over at Northport has a couple of nice hireling illustrations in this issue.

That's a lot of good stuff packed into just 26 pages.

Great Stuff!
While you're clicking over to get your copy of The Manor be sure to check out Tim short's mini-classic The Flayed King, also available for free at RPGNow. It's a great little adventure and well worth checking it out.


  1. Thanks for the mention! Props to Tim for coordinating the Manor, and for the weirdness that is the Flayed King.

    1. You do good stuff. The Flayed King is definitely weird, but really well done.


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