Friday, June 2, 2017

Spell: Galvanic Grip

Galvanic Grip
Level: 2
Duration: 1 Round per level of caster
Range: Touch

This spell infuses the caster's designated hand with a coruscating current of electricity that crackles and sparks very noticeably, as well as emitting a distinct smell of ozone. Upon a successful attack, the caster grabs hold of their victim and inflicts 2d4 damage per round (plus either INT or STR bonus), for the duration of the spell, during which time they cannot relinquish their grip upon their victim.

The victim of this spell is required to make a successful Save in order to have a chance to attack the caster.

The caster can extend the duration of this spell by 1 round per 1d4 hit points of damage they choose to sacrifice.

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