Friday, August 4, 2017

Good Shirt: Expanding onto Tee Public

So yeah, we've set-up an online shop over at Tee Public. You can find my designs by looking-up Garrisonjames and I'll tag everything with Hereticwerks, Wermspittle, or whatever else might be pertinent to make searching easier. There are four designs up there now. I'll add a new design or two every few days or every other week, or something--still not sure what sort of schedule will work best. All the designs are on sale for the first three days, then receive a slight mark-up, but this seems to be a bit less expensive than Zazzle and I prefer it to some of the other options we've looked into of late.

Right now the first few designs at Teepublic are things we've already uploaded to Zazzle, but soon there will be unique designs only available at Teepublic. We're ordering a couple of sample shirts over the weekend and will report back about the overall quality of the products and how the experience goes.

You can still find us on least if you use our link. Trying to find anything on that site using it's in-built search function is a bit tedious. That's one major downside to using Zazzle--people can't really find your stuff unless a whole lot of people have already found you. But hey, we're working on that. One major advantage with Zazzle is that you (the customer) can really, really customize your shirts (or other stuff) with any text you want, re-position the image(s), and do quite a bit of personalization. You get to make things just the way you want them. There are a lot of new designs headed to Zazzle fairly soon and there will be an update on that once things start to appear there.

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