Monday, November 6, 2017

Red Hordelings [White Star / Space Age Sorcery]

Red Hordeling
5 [14]
3 [May Advance as Brutes, Fighters, Rangers or Assassins]
2 Nano-Obsidian Blades (2d4+2, each)*
Boneless, Hyper-Dexterity, Expand/Contract, Bloodheal

* Nano-Obsidian Blades ignore most common forms of shielding and inflict double damage on a natural roll of 19 or 20 when striking Machine-based or Cybernetically-enhanced foes. Should a non-Hordeling attempt to wield one of these nasty weapons, there is a10% chance ofthe weapon exploding into a swirling cloud of nanoscale obsidian flakes causing 6d6 damage within a 20' radius...and this chance increases by another 10% every time the weapon is used in combat. All non-Hordelings also suffer a -1 penalty on To Hit rolls using these things as they are arranged for the uniquely boneless grip of a Hordeling.

Boneless: Hordelings are invertebrates with a distributed cartiliginous mesh for a pseudo-skeleton so any melee attacks against them ignore any damage results on a roll of 1.
Hyper-Dexterity: Hordelings can attack in any direction with either hand at no penalty.
Expand/Contract: Anything within 10' is considered within melee reach/range.
Bloodheal: If a Hordeling remains completely stationary for fifteen minutes while bathed/soaking in an opponents blood they can regain 1d6 hit points.

The infamous Red Horde of Trilaxa III are vicious, blood-thirsty invertebrates from a hot, volcanic hellworld who mock all humanoids as clumsy weaklings, especially anyone wielding a ranged weapon. These boneless barbarians can be found in the service to all manner of planetary dictators, interstellar tyrants, crimelords or whomever else desires a private army of ruthless melee-fighters who never question an order and always fight to the very end against any odds as a matter of collective honor.

The Red Horde are ancient rivals to the Jarpha and is is suspected by more than a few academics that the Mistresses of the Horde may in fact have been involved, if not outright responsible for the slow decline of the Jarpha's cognitive processes by way of some very specifically tailored and targeted infectious wetware.

Spellcasters who have attained the Secret of the Scarlet Obelisk gain the means to summon forth a detachment of Red Hordelings in place of the usual creatures they might call forth...unfortunately there is little information provided in the commonly available sources concerning how one might best negotiate a contract with these entities one summoned.


  1. Would you entertain a guess at proper rites when negotiating for their services once summoned?

    Before summoning the Red Hordeling detachment setup a two chair card table. The table should have a lamp, quill, ink well, dead wood parchment and the skull of a combat cyborg filled with the warm blood of a fresh kill? Just my first guess.

    1. Oh I really like this! That should prove very effective indeed. Excellent suggestion!


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