Thursday, November 15, 2018

Curated Links: Basic Era Games (Mostly Retroclones)

Last updated: November, 2018

Goblinoid Games
Labyrinth Lord (No Art)  Free.
Advanced Edition Companion (No Art)  Free.
Mutant Future (No Art)  Free.
Apes Victorious (No Art)  Free.

Starships & Spacemen (2nd Edition) (PDF, Softcover, Hardcover)
Realms of Crawling Chaos (PDF)
Original Edition Characters (PDF)
These rules-sets are available in very inexpensive PDF versions.

Goblinoid Games Homepage
Goblinoid Games Blog
Goblinoid Games Forums
Goblinoid Games at Facebook
Goblinoid Games at Lulu

Dan's Advanced Labyrinth Lord Project
The Kickstarter
An Interview
More details will be posted as they become available...

WotC Reprints
Actual WotC-Approved Reprint Basic Era Rules (PDF)
Wotc-Approved Reprint Expert Rules (PDF)
WotC-Approved Reprinted Rules Cyclopedia (PDF)

Newfangled "Basic"
New 5th Edition "Basic Rules"

B/X Essentials

Rules-sets included on this list may be closer than they appear in a mirror. Please refrain from operating these sorts of rules while driving heavy machinery. There will eventually be a follow-up post listing various resources & tools built to support these style of rules. But it isn't getting put together today. There's other work to get done.

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