What Does 'OSR' Stand For?
Old School Rules...Revolution...Revival... Renaissance...the OSR acronym has been claimed, co-opted and commandeered to stand for quite a few things. Once the first 'cloned' set of rules appeared, the floodgates quickly opened wide and the internet was flooded with dozens of rules based upon, inspired by, built from the bones of, cobbled from multiple sets of pre-existing works, and all manner of rules derived in part or in whole from the older editions of the world's first and foremost role-playing game--and we're still seeing a steady trickle of 'new' and 'improved' and 'revised' rules and probably will for the rest of the lifespan of the internet. With the easy availability and access to Print On Demand technology, the rapid proliferation of blogs, and the rise of wannabee designers, unrepentant heartbreakers, boutique-publishers, solo-auteurs and myriads of Kickstarters...whatever revival was going to happen pretty much did and we're well past that now. With the advent of D&D Fifth Edition there's no real need for any sort of revolution--the old school won. So what now?

Blogging has seemingly died-out, with only a few hard-core survivors, some returning from brief or not-so-brief hiatuses, and a fresh crop of writers who've just begun their journey through this thorny wilderness rife with nostalgia, opinions, creators and critics. Zines have come back into fashion, in many respects taking on the role that blogs once played in the weird retrograde ecology between publishers and players, performers and portrayers. We truly are each and other's audience. DIY and Boutique Publishing have proliferated wildly leaving us with a massive backlog and super-abundance of options, opportunities and object lessons...there have been many creative types who have taken-up the challenge and did things their way, some with a great deal of style, others with perhaps a bit more class, all of them contributing to the further growth and evolution of the overall gaming ecosphere, no matter what particular niche or nook or cranny any of us prefer to call base-camp or what part of the borderlands we occupy in our respective Keeps.

We live in interesting times full of incredible opportunities both as players and as creators, as participants and consumers, whatever our personal relationship or role may be, as we each decide for ourselves. We've seen and survived the rules, the revival, the revolution...so now it is time for a renaissance.

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