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First things first, Thank You for stopping by our blog and clicking around a bit. There are a lot of other blogs out there and we appreciate you taking some time to look at what we've been doing here at Hereticwerks.

What is This Blog About?
First and foremost Hereticwerks is about adventure, excitement and fun. We create all sorts of spells, monsters, items and adventures based upon the worlds of Wermspittle, Jalamere, Tsan Yian, Zalchis and other settings.

Currently our primary focus is on Wermspittle, but we will be returning to Jalamere and some other locales very soon. There are a few compilation PDFs as well a a few new adventures on the way this summer. More to come...

We support Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, and most similar/parallel/equivalent Old School Games. There is  a bunch of Mutant Future/Mutants & Mazes stuff in our back-log and we hope to get some of that posted shortly. We also have a number of non-system-specific resources that we've built and that we intend to add to in the months ahead including a range of paper miniatures, mini-maps, geomorphs and so on. Stay tuned...

But we're not just old school; we also are in the process of developing some things for other cool games like Heroes & Other Worlds, Savage Worlds and possibly FATE or Diaspora. We have developed a number of resources for Rogue Space and plan to resume our support for Rogue Space with a few brand new things for that game system in the near future. One new feature we are currently working on will be a Systemless SciFi-Adventure Series that can be adapted to Rogue Space, Star Frontiers, Stars Without Number, etc. Watch the skies...

Asynchronous Content
We post new episodes of Bujilli every Thursday. Each new episode is written live that Thursday based on reader feedback via the comments or email.

We've been building-up a lot of stuff over the years that we've been doing this blog. Don't be afraid to dig around in the archives.

To better help readers track down those things that might be of interest to you, we've set-up a Table of Contents Page and All Posts By Date Page. We're also working on some indexes and the like to help make navigation a little easier.We're also working on some compilation PDFs that will collect all of the spells into one place, as well as a bestiary of all our monsters, and so on.

If there is someway that we could make things more accessible or easier to navigate, please feel free to contact us via the handy email widget-thingy in the right-hand sidebar.


Thanks for your comment. We value your feedback and appreciate your support of our efforts.