Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spell: Assault of Chaos

Assault of Chaos
Level: 5
Duration: 1 round per level
Range: 60'

A seething vortex of screaming madness and bizarre effulgences erupts all around the caster and expands forwards to encompass any target within range of the spell as directed by the caster. If the range of the effect exceeds the 60' mark, the caster must roll a Save (at a -4 penalty) or be swept-up within the vortex and carried off to a randomly determined location, very possibly displaced in time as well as space. (See Displacement Effect Table for ideas as to how to handle this effect...) Most casters shut the spell down right before it reaches the point of no return, but sometimes they are unable to do so, and thus it is something of a gamble to use this spell in a fight with another caster.

This spell is the basis for a wide array of vortex-based fighting spells as well as at least three distinct variants that allow the caster to form and wield a swirling maelstrom of raw chaos. Those known variations are much sought-after and worth a great deal to Octoscholars and other collectors of obscure or notorious spells. At least one variant form of this spell allows the caster to tap into the hyper-tumultuous Inner-Zones of Zalchis.

In Tsan Yian it is not uncommon at all to have duelling spell-casters facing off against each other in sorcerous gladiatorial combat using this spell or some derivative of it. But in those instances, the Sepulchre-arenas tend to be heavily warded and bonded so that the majority of these sorts of effects tend to bounce back into the fighting zones. It is extremely rare to escape these blood-soaked pits and platforms simply by over-casting a single spell. No one gets out of there quite that easily.

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