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Sewers and Cellars of Wermspittle (Encounter Table II)

We never—even in our wildest Halloween moods—visited this cellar by night, but in some of our daytime visits could detect the phosphorescence, especially when the day was dark and wet. There was also a subtler thing we often thought we detected—a very strange thing which was, however, merely suggestive at most. I refer to a sort of cloudy whitish pattern on the dirt floor—a vague, shifting deposit of mold or niter which we sometimes thought we could trace amidst the sparse fungous growths near the huge fireplace of the basement kitchen. Once in a while it struck us that this patch bore an uncanny resemblance to a doubled-up human figure, though generally no such kinship existed, and often there was no whitish deposit whatever...

The Shunned House, by H. P. Lovecraft

Sewer & Cellar Encounters: Table II (D30)
  1. A 6 HD Withering Mist has been locked-up behind a grout-sealed door. The grout is air-tight, unless someone were to attempt to remove it, like the pair of Foragers who are convinced that there must be something behind this door; otherwise no one would have taken the trouble to seal it up, right?
  2. A case of six bottles of off-brand Black Liquor have been not-so-cleverly set behind a broken pallet. There used to be 12 bottles.
  3. Three pick-axes, two crow-bars and a shovel. They were dropped in haste. There's a ragged piece of the shovel-blade missing. It looks almost melted.
  4. (1d6) Cacozombies armed with pitch-forks and spades are prodding a prisoner along. They intend to offer-up this young girl who would be adventurer up to their Ungezeifer master. She is a Prodigy. She intends to capture the Ungezeifer for use in an experiment...
  5. A crippled harpy with only one wing and a seriously hideous form of advanced leprosy is desperately trying to push a filthy burlap sack back into a concealed niche. The sack contains (1d4) eggs.
  6. (3d4) Giant Centipedes are prowling this area looking for anything they can eat. If killed without splitting the chitin, their carcasses are worth a fair bit to the local chitin-workers because of the unique coloration and growth patterns.
  7. (3d6) bales of hay. It's for the Elephant.
  8. A very bored Koponu sits inside it's regulation tin cage, dimly lighting a small section. It only has (1d4) hours left on its shift, then it can go home.
  9. Some has cast repeated applications of Dispel Ectoplasm in this area. Why? What for?
  10. A Dowser sits against the wall clutching the stump of what used to be their good right hand. Blood is seeping out. They're going into shock. All he can grumble is '...damned thing swallowed the lode-stone too...', then they pass out. They are wearing a Sewer Militia vest, but it seems out of date. The identification patches are all removed or spattered with some tarry substance.
  11. (3d4) Urglun are hunting a run-away Bruthem calf that they have been hired to recover. Intact.
  12. A body. It's infested with Gore-Worms. There's some Questionable Trinkets & Trash visible poking out from under the corpse.
  13. A rickety trap-door in the middle of the floor has been chained-down and pad-locked. 
  14. (1d4) Crudiv lurk behind a broken section of the wall that has yet to be repaired.
  15. A tiny, not-so Garganta Slug is floating in a bottle containing a solution of 5% Dim Ichor and 90% cheap Gin. The slug is dormant, sleeping, dreaming. If removed from the bottle, it will resume growing normally, but will forever be haunted by nightmares of being trapped within a transparent chamber...
  16. The badly mauled body of a Gargoyle is stuck in a chimney-like vent or passage cut into the ceiling. They almost got away from the Hunters that tried to capture it. It clutches a strange little amulet on a silver chain. It is some sort of locket containing a Phantasmotype of a young girl who bears a striking resemblance to someone one of the party is related to or knows.
  17. A surveyor's plumb-bob sensitized to Ley Lines lies on the floor in the midst of a nasty pool of what could only be worm vomit. Some one or some thing has already claimed the hand that was left behind.
  18. A badly wounded Triloo is trying to make it back to the safety of the private book repository where it works. They require some healing and the trail of blood they've left behind is attracting the interest of (3d8) wild dogs as well as a stunted albino alligator that has been sent down here to fetch specimens for their master who isn't particularly choosy as to whom, what or how the creature brings back the raw materials needed for the next experiment.
  19. Three bricks and a small mound of dried-out cement. The trowel is stuck in the dried cement like a sword in a stone. A skeletal hand protrudes from the wall. They never quite finished walling them in there.
  20. The floor of this cellar is covered with a dry, white granular substance. It smells like rotting fish. It is also very flammable, the smoke it will produce is very toxic (-2 penalty to Save versus the poison). When exposed to moisture, the spores quickly sprout into a wildly twisted buried forest of fungi that will quickly collapse under its own weight, then rot away into a nasty black sludge. Too bad the things aren't edible.
  21. A Candle-Head homunculus is looking for a light. Can you help it get is candle re-lit?
  22. (2d12) 2 HD Flutter Worms have just finished-off a once overly confident Rhinocerenary. They're still thirsty.
  23. Six partly crushed skulls. Each one lovingly stripped of all flesh and delicately painted with ochre and tumeric around the eye-sockets.
  24. Clomp! Clank! It's an Iron Pig making its way towards the surface and taking no prisoners on the way. It will attack anyone who gets in its way.
  25. An Aethyric Eel hovers above a stagnant basement-swamp. The water-way connecting this basement to the cellar-pond next-door was blocked by the intervening tunnel caving in. The Eel's innate Passwall ability is currently blocked by a Dream-Bottle buried in the doorway. If you dig it up and break the thing, the Eel could escape. But then you'd run the risk of angering the Oneirist or whomever trapped the thing in here in the first place.
  26. A Vilg wearing a violet loincloth and trying to hold onto a bone scroll tube is hiding behind some rubble. It's not working. The arrow in its shoulder sticks out past the rubble, and the trail of fresh blood is a dead give-away as well. It will attempt to hire anyone who will talk to it. The scroll tube needs to be delivered to Latterkamp. You really don't want to go there without the Vilg to guide you. It assures you that would be a bad idea. She can either offer you 26 random coins and some salt in a water-tight pouch, or you can negotiate for a better reward once the scroll tube is delivered. There's a chance that the Goules will offer a reward...
  27. Someone buried a broken mirror in here. Face-down. They did a really poor job of it. Close to a third of the thing still protrudes out of the loose dirt. Do you hear that? It sounds like a voice. Coming from underneath the mirror.
  28. This used to be a fruit cellar. Back during the occupation. Someone's mother sits in the corner, rocking slowly in her gaudy Uzikan shawl. She's been down here since the occupation too.
  29. The foul, lingering stench of a massive Yelg Froth still clings to the walls and floors of this place. The bricks are indelibly stained a lurid shade of red-violet. There is no sign of the Yelg Froth.
  30. The far wall is spattered and stained by the still-wet yellow ichor of a Detestable Putrescence left in the wake of the demise of a Shrouded that was destroyed only two nights ago by a wandering band of itinerant monks who are on a mission to bring peace to the restless dead by any means necessary.

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