Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Questionable Trinkets and Trash (IV)

Questionable Trinkets & Trash (IV)
  1. An oil painting in a slightly bent frame. It depicts a forest. Anyone hanging this painting over their sleeping place will have weird dreams, but heal at double the normal rate and their hair will grow out like an unruly hay-stack.
  2. (1d4) slightly used Koponu-cages. One has a cryptic message scratched into the bottom that can only be read in the light of the second moon.
  3. A rug made out of the rags cast-off from a worm-monger. The seller attests vociferously that the thing will repel all worms from any room graced by this fine example of Low Lander craftsmanship.
  4. Three shin bones tightly wrapped with gut-cordage and daubed with crumbling blue pigment that smells sulfurous. In the hands of a Medium, this thing serves as a +1 mace versus ectoplasmic entities/spirits, in addition to the +1 to hit/Triple damage it does against cannibals.
  5. A brass-fitted Morlock skull that will belch forth 4d6 orange-speckled toads whenever it is given a sip of wine. Apparently the better the vintage, the more toads pour forth.
  6. A beautifully-carved black-alloy ring that will go on smoothly and wear like a charm, until, after 10 minutes, when it will sever the wearer's finger, causing 1d6 damage. Save or suffer a -1 penalty to DEX.
  7. A heavy trench-fighter's cloak that keeps everything within it wet and raw, no matter how dry or hot it might be outside. The inside hem seems to have a peculiar reddish fungal growth along the seam that smells strongly of cinnamon and cheap rum. Dogs and related beasts will seek to avoid the wearer of this thing.
  8. A much-used copper fat-rendering pan. The handle is inset with bits of human bone.
  9. A sieve that will not let a single worm pass through it no matter how much you press.
  10. (1d6) rolls of pinkish, leathery bandages that will practically wrap themselves on bloody wounds, instantly healing 1d6 damage and preventing infection. The bandages will seal off the wound, stop the bleeding and then slither off to go gestate before spawning 1d4 Gore Worms.

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