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Jalamere: Index

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Jalamere a new setting, one inspired by the sorts of fantastic geographies that transcend conventional planets or unending planes, something more akin to Tanith Lee's Flat Earth cycle, or Clark Ashton Smith's Abominations of Yondo. Jalamere is a mythic place with edges, a Worldrim that you can fall off of, and it isn't a ball of matter floating in space, if anything it seems to be a sort of platter or disk, and it might be held up from the primordial chaos by titanic beings most people never see...maybe. If they're lucky.
Note: We began this series/project using the Sword & Wizardry (White Box) rules. We're seriously considering revising things and going with a different system based upon reader feedback. should we stay with White box, or transition this project over to another system? Which one would people prefer?

Building Jalamere

Building Jalamere 1: Getting Started
We're also making use of Rob Conley's excellent How To Make A Fantasy Sandbox series of articles, and a few more inspiring bits and pieces captured while on safari through the deepest, darkest corners of the untamed OSR blogosphere. We begin with a quick map of a tiny section of the edge of the very, very big world.

Building Jalamere 2: Zones
Here we created a set of six Zones, each of which then was broken down into specific types of related terrain and environmental factors, each one leading inwards from the rimward edges to the deserts and badlands that seem to extend for thousands of miles into the very center of the world-disk. We still need to finish a few loose ends on this post.

Playing in Jalamere

Considering Player Character Options (I)
Cliff-dwelling spiders, gecko-taurs, and sword-wielding octopi...this is a realm where elves, dwarves and gnomes are summoned and treated like demons, aliens or magical beings from other worlds. Which they are. When you're here.

Exploring Jalamere

Twenty Major Dungeons/Ruins
A quick list of 20 strange places of mystery and adventure that may or may not become part of the fabric of Jalamere. It's a place to start from, so we rolled a D20. We got a '1' so our first place to consider and possibly develop was The Black Ziggurat, which is an extension of the cross-blog/cross-universe megadungeon from Planet Algol. So, in the spirit of using tables to flesh out the details, we decided to begin by creating encounter tables for the area surrounding this malevolent center of pestilence and woe...and seeing as how Jalamere is a truly vast and wide-open canvas upon which to splash paint around, we went really big in terms of scale. To begin with, there's an encounter table for the tainted regions within a 1,000 mile radius around this place...
  1. Black Ziggurat
  2. Blasted Wastes of Nitocrimelle

The Black Ziggurat of Jalamere

The Black Ziggurat of Jalamere
An overview of what is known about this dreadful place and its polycosmic connections to other worlds.

Encounters Within a 1,000 Mile Radius
20 options for things that are often found wandering along the Outer Perimeter of the Black Ziggurat.

Encounters Within a 100 Mile Radius
20 encounters

Encounters Within a 10 Mile Radius
20 options for even nastier stuff as your party gets closer to the Black Ziggurat.

Encounters Within a 1 Mile Radius
20 options for things found within a mile of the Black Ziggurat, including a couple contributed by Blair of Planet Algol himself.

At the Black Ziggurat
Coming Soon.

Special Encounters (Black Ziggurat)
Coming Soon.

Writhing Masses & Worse
This table is for all those amorphous horrors likely to be found near-by the dreaded Black Ziggurat.

The Blasted Wastes of Nitocrimelle

We rolled a '19' on the 20 Major Dungeons/Ruins Table for what to go look at next...


  1. Thanks for the summary of posts. I think people should do more for of this. Jalamere certainly has some fine inspirations.

  2. You're welcome. We're getting things better organized. Since we're producing an asynchronous blog, readers need to be able to dig around for whatever they're looking for, so each series, setting or special project will get some sort of index, table of contents, or whatever.

    Funny you should say that about Jalamere. Since we haven't received a whole lot of support/interest in this series, we're considering discontinuing it.

    In fact, we're looking at cutting back on a few things so we can really focus our efforts a bit more effectively.


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