The Labyrinth Lord Society is an international organization of players and game masters who have joined together out of a common interest in playing, promoting and supporting Goblinoid Games' Labyrinth Lord, and/or Mutant Future, and/or Starships & Spacemen. There are no membership obligations. Members receive a nicely printable Certificate of Membership and there is a newsletter...and members from a particular area or in close proximity to one another sometimes get together for special games or to run demos at friendly local game stores. It is an informal group, and anyone interested in Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, etc. are welcome to check it out and/or join.

You can find out more about the Labyrinth Lord Society here
There are official Guidelines available for setting-up a Demo Team.

  • Our Introduction to Labyrinth Lord
  • Our Introduction to Mutant Future
  • We also provide separate Indexes of our Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future and Starships & Spacemen resources here at Hereticwerks

The official Goblinoid Games website is here.
The official Goblinoid Games Blog is Here.
The official Goblinoid Games Forums are here.

Free downloadable versions of the Core Rules for Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future (minus the art) are available:

You can also purchase copies of the various Goblinoid Games RPGs via their online storefront at RPGnow, or their Print-on-Demand store-front at Lulu. Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future are also carried by many reputable and discerning Local Game Stores, like The Source here in Minneapolis...

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