Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Nelashtil (White Star)

5 [14]
3 (May Advance as a Class, but require 200% XP)
By weapon or Sting (1d6)
Detect Invisible, Telekinesis, Levitation

Nelashtil are hyper-intelligent molluscoids whose primary culture is centered within the Splendid Array, a swarm of habitat-structures encompassing a trinary solar system and the various 'peripheral clusters' of semi-autonomous habitat-clusters engaged in forming star-shells around dozens of otherwise unremarkable orange dwarf stars scattered across known space. Ancient allies to the Rugalli, the Nelashtil approach to technology is entirely biological and involved time-scales measured in millions of years. They are patient, but determined in a way that most other species cannot begin to fathom.

Nelashtil brains are decentralized and massively redundant, making them extremely difficult to interact with using the standard forms of telepathy and their languages are so inherently self-referential as to make it nearly impossible to communicate with them until the Jrozzik were able to develop a suitable interface organism to serve as a translator for the Nelashtil, giving those voluntarily infected with the organism the ability to use any language contained within the Galactic Lexicon.

Relatively non-violent, the Nelashtil employ Telekinesis to wield various weapons or defensive mechanisms (shield-pods, etc.) out to a range of 10' per HD. This same Telekinesis allows the Nelashtil to Detect Invisible within the same range restrictions. The Nalashtil use their innate Telekinesis to enhance their mobility, especially in zero-g and micro-g environments.

A Nalshtil's Sting attack is usually reserved for last-ditch defense, unless the individual is a Sting-Fighter (their version of a Brute), and only has a range of touch, however it also forces the victim to make a Saving Throw to avoid having their advanced-technology items becoming encrusted with a slow-growing, glistening pink goo that replaces their inner workings with living components.

Nelashtil are absolutely fascinated with the non-biological technologies employed by so many starfaring species and individual Nelashtil have been known to join merchanter crews or to exchange repair services for a berth on less reputable/more interesting ships where they serve as translators, advisors and mechanics...though they have the tendency to graft, grow and embed biological sub-systems into the complex workings of any starcraft or habitat they occupy for extended periods.

Rip Floaters are monstrous beings from whom the Nelashtil might be descended, or perhaps the Nelashtil become Rip Floaters either through some rare form of atavistic degeneracy or the dangerous mutagenic sacraments of certain ancient cults that claim to hold unbroken lineages dating back millions of years. Rumors abound and many academics are keen to discover the truth, despite the dangers. Click over to the Swords & Stitchery blog to learn more about the Rip Floaters.


  1. This was a fun read, the Nelashtil are fascinating.
    This could be a fun sci-fi universe to explore. Hope you start up a g+ game at some point.

    1. Thanks! These critters could cause all manner of mischief for players or NPCs alike. We've discussed doing something on G+, but it'll be a while yet. I would like to try-out G+ as a player a couple of times to get a feel for how it works before committing to running a game online...and right now there just has not been a lot of time for that sort of thing.

  2. I like the idea of them repkacing electronics with parasites that do the same job. Some where between the spacers in valhalla who had their skimmer engines replaced with stone beaten with hammers, and the Marie Antoinette from Doctor Who, where ship systems were replaced with crew organs.

    1. The living replacement matter is more along the lines of symbiotes really, though there might be some lattitude for a disgruntled Nelashtil to arrange things in a more parasitic manner. The Nelashtil's sting-froth is a biological form of nanotech capable of some pretty strange things,which will be more fully detailed in the Sting-Fighter and another Class Option for these aliens that is nearly ready to go.

      If those references work for you then great--by all means go with what you know! We waited to watch Doctor Who with our daughter and then Netflix dropped the show, so we're quite a few seasons behind. It's always good to have more things people can reference in order to better put a creature to use in their games, so thanks for the recommendations.

  3. How do these guys get along with the Achernarians?

    1. Funny you should ask. I was working on the revised Achernarian entry, adapting them to White Star. The two cultures seem to get along fairly well in some respects. They've never fought any wars against each other, but they have drastically different outlooks on how they approach technology exchange, among other issues...


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