Monday, August 29, 2011

Spells Taught by the Gem of Muktra

The Gem whispers into your dreams of unsettling things.
Alien vistas swirl, writhe and coruscate across your mind's eye.
Thoughts not of your thinking echo within your consciousness.
There are dangers before you, terrible things await the ill-prepared.
You must learn to put up barriers to keep yourself intact.

The Gem whispers of variant forms of these spells, especially Auric Sheath where the specific color of the Auric Sheath determines the sort of protection it can offer...however the Gem does not automatically go into any further details about this matter at this time, unless you'd care to inquire further...

These are the spells made available via the Gem to Outsiders who are contemplating coming to Zalchis. There are many other, often better spells available, once one is within the realm of Zalchis, but few other places suffer from the horrific conditions or the weird atmosphere of this doomed and dying universe so these sorts of Essential Protections necessary to survival in Zalchis are not necessarily all that commonly encountered elsewhere. The effects described above are the effects as experienced within Zalchis...their effects outside of Zalchis may well vary drastically or even be null and void.

It is also well to keep in mind that these spells operate as they do, in part, due to the effects of the Gem. Casting these spells without the Gem in one's possession can have very different costs and effects and is generally not recommended.

The Six Essential Protections
as Revealed by The Gem of Muktra
  1. Auric Sheath
  2. Oneiric Bubble
  3. Protection From Aethyrical Intrusion
  4. Thought Wall
  5. Zone of Normality
  6. Dispel Ectoplasm

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