Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Questionable Trinkets & Trash: An Index

Questionable Trinkets & Trash...
...From the Streets of Wermspittle

Along the Low Streets and the back-alleys of Wermspittle, whether they are within the areas patrolled at night or out among the ramshackle wasteland of the plague-ridden Shanty Camps, one cannot travel very far in Wermspittle before encountering some street vendor hawking curious goods of ambiguous provenance. Sometimes there are real bargains to be had, in between the piles of dented and bloodied armor left-over from some recent battle or the obligatory peddlers and pushers trying to foist their noxious concoctions upon the unwise and unwary. Other times a sack of what at first appeared to be some good loot might turn out to be only so much trinkets and trash, but even so, one person's trash can turn out to be another's treasure...
Download the compilation PDF for this series.

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