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No. Enc.: 1d4 (2d4)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 20' (10')
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 1+slime
Damage: 3d4 +poison (2d6) +Secondary Effect (see table below)
Save: F3
Morale: 8

Ancient cyclopean mummies that have been infested with a strange, symbiotic form of toxic algae-like slime, the Nicheclops are dreadful but slow-moving creatures who are no longer completely living, dead, or undead, but inhabit a bizarre limnal zone in-between. Driven insane by their unnatural existence, the Nicheclops spend years at a time ensconced within their burial niches deep underground, their bodies suspended in a form of hibernation while their astrally-projected spirits wander distant planes it wouldn't be wise to mention.

All Nicheclops have an innate ability to animate and control 1d4 writhing masses of green slime, which they then use to drive off interlopers or those imprudent enough to disturb their weird trances.

If disturbed enough to be awakened from their extraplanar projection, a typical Nicheclops will slowly arise from their niche, assess the situation using whatever spells seem appropriate (ESP, Detect Alignment, Detect Lie, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, See Invisible, Detect Magic, etc.) for a period of 1d4 turns, after which the Nicheclops will unleash an all-out assault upon the interlopers using its slime, massive bulk and whatever spells it has available. It will attack mercilessly until all the intruders are killed or driven off, or it is destroyed. The slimy remnants and remains of a destroyed Nicheclops will slowly recede back into its niche and reform over a period of several weeks in order to resume its trance, unless it is treated with lots and lots of magical fire. 

Particularly old and venerable Nicheclops are rumored to have 10 or more HD and regenerate as a Troll.

Secondary Effects of Nicheclops Slime
  1. Save at -2 penalty or your skin begins to tear itself loose and literally crawl off of your body, causing 2d4 damage/turn until either it is free at last, or the effect is dispelled by destroying the Nicheclops. (Takes 3d6 turns for the skin to tear free. The skin can move about, but has no intelligence, 1 HD and can only attempt to choke for 1d4 damage, if it can't just slither away into the unknown depths. Magical healing will cause the victim to regrow fresh skin, not restore any that has torn free.)
  2. Victim suffers a horribly disfiguring experience with necromantically-tinged digestive juices; Save or lose 1d4 CHAR,with a base 30% chance that each point affected is permanently lost.
  3. You've been engulfed by Green Slime. (LL p. 80)
  4. You've been infected with a greenish slime that has gotten under your skin and has gone dormant. Once you die, the slime will reanimate you as a zombie within 1d4 turns.
  5. Recipient of slime is now affected by Commune (LL p. 20) spell that opens a channel to some unnameable, outermost thing that heretofore was completely oblivious to their existence. You do get to ask three questions...but do you have the courage/sanity to withstand the answers?
  6. Victim has been affected by Cause Disease. (LL p. 21)
  7. Insanity. Just insanity. No physical damage from the slime during this encounter.
  8. You can never cast or use Detect Magic ever again. That part of your brain has just been destroyed by the slime. Every time someone else uses this spell within 30' of you, roll a Save or a small portion of your brain deliquesces into a rancid blob-ette of slime causing 2d6 damage and driving you insane with agony, making it impossible to cast spells or speak coherently. There is a 20% chance of the slime going dormant again, otherwise it will force its way out of your skull inflicting 2d6 damage/turn until it finally breaks free regardless of whether you're still alive or not.
  9. Necrosis (LL p. 25)
  10. Fear (LL p. 25)
  11. Feeblemind (LL p. 31)
  12. You've become the involuntary subject of a Contact Other Plane spell (LL p. 29), unfortunately you are ill-equipped to enjoy the experience and the plane in question is not one you'd normally wish to associate with, but the natives are friendly, after a fashion and will answer your questions in some peculiar alien dialect that you'll remember for the rest of your life, though you'll most likely never get it properly translated.

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